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Jumat, 02 Agustus 2019

Man United vs AC Milan

Live  Streaming International Champions Cup 2019 ➞ Manchester United vs AC Milan - Setelah bermain di empat negara berbeda sebelumnya, Manchester United akan kembali bermain di Inggris untuk menghadapi klub raksasa Italia, Ac Milan yang digelar di Millennium Stadium.

Man United vs AC Milan
Match Info

Tanggal: 3 Agustus 2019 23:30 LIVE
Kompetisi: International Champions Cup
Stadion: Principality Stadium (Cardiff (Caerdydd))
Channel: Mola  TV, Bet365, TVRI

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Selasa, 25 Juni 2019

Jadwal ICC 2019

Jadwal ICC 2019 Live Streaming

Live Stream TV
Jadwal ICC 2019
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Rabu 17 Juli 2019
00:00 Fiorentina Guadalajara
Kamis 18 Juli 2019
10:00 Arsenal Bayern
Sabtu 20 Juli 2019
18:30 Man United Inter Milan
Minggu 21 Juli 2019
03:00 Benfica Guadalajara
05:00 Arsenal Fiorentina
07:00 Bayern Real Madrid
18:30 Juventus Tottenham
Rabu 24 Juli 2019
06:00 Real Madrid Arsenal
08:00 Guadalajara Atletico Madrid
08:00 Bayern AC Milan
18:30 Juventus Inter Milan
Kamis 25 Juli 2019
07:00 Fiorentina Benfica
18:30 Tottenham Man United
Sabtu 27 Juli 2019
06:30 Real Madrid Atletico Madrid
Senin 29 Juli 2019
02:00 AC Milan Benfica
Sabtu 03 Agustus 2019
23:30 Man United AC Milan
Minggu 04 Agustus 2019
21:00 Tottenham Inter Milan
Sabtu 10 Agustus 2019
23:00 Atletico Madrid Juventus
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Minggu, 23 Juni 2019

ICC 2019

2019 International Champions Cup Live Streaming

2019 International Champions Cup Live Streaming - In the summer of 2013, Stephen M. Ross and Relevent Sports revolutionized the international soccer landscape by organizing the Guinness International Champions Cup (ICC), transforming the standard European club preseason tour into something remarkable: a competitive, world-class tournament.

The inaugural edition featured eight top clubs across six U.S. cities - Real Madrid, Juventus,... Chelsea FC, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Valencia, Everton and the LA Galaxy - culminating with a spectacular final in Miami won by Real Madrid over Chelsea FC in front of nearly 70,000 fans.

The 2014 International Champions Cup raised the bar, doubling in size across 13 cities in the United States and Canada. Featuring another star-studded lineup, European powerhouses Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, A.C. Milan, Roma, Inter Milan and Olympiacos played three matches each in a new round-robin format.
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